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Sizing & Care

Unisex: (See tips below)

Small: 32 inches and below.
Medium: 32.5 in. - 37 in.
Large: 34 in. - 38 in. 
XL: 38.5 in - 42 in.
2XL: 42.5 in. - 46 in.
3XL: 46in - 50 in.
4XL: 50 inches and above

Helpful Tips:

  • Belts are not one size fits all. They are contoured and should fit firmly but comfortably. They should not shift from side to side. 
  • Measurements taken at lower waist. Lower waist is typically between your belly button and the tops of your hip bones. 
  • Our most popular sizes are large and extra large. 
  • When in doubt size up. 
  • Size to your gear, not to your skin.  
  • Belts run small. Our small is closer to an XS on women. Men are our typical buyer of this size.

Use & Care Instructions:

  • Product should fit firmly on your hips and not move from side to side.
  • Never use product if either of the two locking mechanisms is not working. Velcro should lay securely and belt lock should audibly click into place. Always pull on and test handles and locks before riding.
  • Store with velcro teeth over exterior of belt as opposed to interior to maintain product appearance and construction. 
  • If wet, dry completely before storing. If used in salt water, rinse with fresh water and dry completely before storing.